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rainbow Namibia is a country with hot sun and an arid climate. Temperatures are similar to those in Europe during the summer month, although the humidity is less. The annual rainfall varies from area to area from 50 mm to 900 mm of rain per annum. Usually rain occurs only hourly as thunderstorms, during the season October until April, with rainless periods of often several weeks. View from Kuduberg

The Farm Kuduberg is situated approx. 280 km north west of Windhoek, in the heart of the Erongo mountain range, one of the biggest volcanic ruins of the southern hemisphere. At an altitude of 1400 m - 2216 m above sea level you will find a scenic mountain landscape, with many hiking and stalking possibilities, for photographers and hunters. Your room

The climate is usually quite pleasant, due to the altitude.

Accommodation consists of two spacious and comfortable bungalows, each with en suite toilet, bath and shower, bedroom, living room and a veranda (64 m² per bungalow).

Your hosts, Reinhard und Stephanie Mosich

You will be spoiled with tasty meals and any special requests with regard to diets or otherwise will be granted with pleasure.

Your hosts, Reinhard and Stephanie Mosich, with Florian and Janka are greatful for your interest and look forward to welcoming you as our guests.


The Hunt

Waterbuck You will experience a real ethical hunt with exciting stalk- and lay-in wait tactics on local game species in the fascinating mountain landscapes of the Erongos.
You will be guided individually by Reinhard (master hunting guide) and Stephanie Mosich (master hunting guide). Fair and ethical hunting is our motto.
The hunt will be adapted according to your preferences and physical fitness and is also suitable for elderly hunters. Beginners are welcome. We do not hunt off vehicles and have no gamefenced areas.
A stay of less than seven days is not advisable , but will be accepted. No other hunting parties will be accepted during your visit.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

Rock engraving Hiking

Various hiking possibilities do exist, guided or on your own. Sites with rock engravings and -paintings can be visited. Mountain hikes to the Krugerhead, the second highest peak of the Erongos with an altitude of 2216m, can be done or various easier routes on the farm.


Game drives are offered or we drop you off at a water point where you can do game watching, bird watching and take photos or we do a real photo hunt on foot with you.
We also offer Sundowner drives to various scenic places on the farm.
A pool is available and can be utilized to cool off.
Activities for kids can be arranged.

Tours within Namibia throughout the country can be arranged and where possible, will be guided by ourselves, if so requested.

How to find us

After the Ekuta farmhouse just follow the telephone line. (Allrad notwendig)

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